Adopting a Reptile

You're looking to adopt a reptile?


Please follow these steps:

  1. Send us an email or a PM on Facebook if you know for sure you are interested in adopting.
  2. Visit our 'Available for Adoption' list on our Facebook page so you can have a look at these amazing reptiles.  More details will be available during your visit.
  3. Fill out this adoption form.

We will assess the information on the form and if we feel confident that the reptile will be going to an adequate home, we will contact you to schedule a visit so you can see the reptile you are interested in.

We will provide you a care package with all necessary information about your new family member.  It will also contain information about all recommended food, and equipment with instructions to ensure the reptile's enclosure meets it's needs as close to it's natural habitat as possible. 

NOTE: An adoption fee will be collected when you pick up your new family member.  

*** VBR is non-profit, the fee is solely for the cost of provisions, equipment, needed vet visits and other necessities to care for the rescued reptiles. ***

All personal information given to us will not be shared publicly; it is only for our records.