Do you love these animals as much as we do?

There are many ways to help out VBR ensure the best care possible for these amazing reptiles.

Donations are what keeps VBR going.  Any monetary amount will be very appreciated.  *** Any money received is used for accessories, food and other care items. 

We also accept many other things from aquariums to basking rocks.  Really, we'll accept anything that will make the beardies' stay comfortable.

Take a look at our wish-list below to see if there is anything you may have that we need.

VBR's wish-list

  • White basking bulbs (any watt) 
  • UVB bulbs
  • Rocks 
  • Logs
  • Vitamins/calcium
  • Food/water dishes 
  • Hammocks 
  • Basking light fixtures (any max wattage)
  • UVB light fixtures (Preferably 24 in plus) 

Your donation will make a big difference for the beardies (and other lizards) that are rescued by VBR.