VBR's Past rescues and current permanent residents


About Viola

Viola is my first Bearded Dragon (aged 8). She was  a rescue and was being fostered when I found her.  She was housed with  an aggressive male who took an inch off her tail and one of her toes. I  instantly fell in love with her and began doing research on beardies  from then on. She is still alive and doing amazing.

She is  currently 628 grams and is the largest female beardie I’ve ever met!  Viola is the inspiration for my love of reptiles.  


About Mojo

Mojo was  the first beardie I decided to take in.  He was very dehydrated and underweight caused by bad lighting and relying on a heat rock to regulating his body temperature. 

Once he arrived, he ate like a pig. He enjoyed taking baths.  He basked so proud and tall; he was basically standing.  

He began to gain weight and had his daily routines.  Someone expressed interest in him and he was adopted. 


About Meringue

Meringue was  the second beardie I took in. He  looked healthy, maybe a bit  dehydrated but nothing looked out of the  ordinary. Within 24 hours his  health slowly diminished. I began syringe  feeding him before we could  bring him in to the vet. He was unresponsive  but slowly breathing when  we brought him in. The vet said he had  complete organ failure, MBD,  severe dehydration etc... He was severely  neglected over a long period  of time. What could have prevented this? Education. 

Most  of this was due to improper diet and improper lighting.  Beardies will  usually never show any sign of illness until it’s too late, this was the  reality for Meringue. He was sadly put down and will  remain in our  hearts forever.  


About Tigger

Tigger was  a small beardie I saw at a PetSmart.  He was the ‘runt’ and I  immediately felt bad for him. He had a great  personality and loved to  climb.

I soon found  out he was a ‘runt’ for a  reason.  He wouldn’t eat much, so to try and  make sure he had proper nutrients, I syringe fed him fruit, bugs and  veggies. 

I had him for over two months but he was not growing and only got worse.  He was failing to thrive and was eventually put down. 

He   was roughly 8 months old when he died weighing only 10 grams.  The  average size of an 8 month old beardie is over 300-400 grams… Need I say  more? 


About Lucy

Lucy was  our dragon, she was adopted from Little RES Q; a turtle rescue in  Toronto. She was originally named  Lucius/Lucifer because she had bitten  the previous owners. She was never taken out of her tank after the  incident in fear of her being aggressive.

Her  lighting and care was inappropriate which caused her to  have  neurological issues, semi-blindness, twisted toes, extreme twitching,  underweight, and MBD. 

Lucy  was a happy and special dragon.  She was a sweet handicapped lizard.  She was about 8 years old when she  passed away. We had her for many  years and learned so much from her.  

Love you Lucy-Lou. 


About Hershel

Hershel  was adopted by Payton, after becoming very attached to her.  Being  fairly large, he was provided the largest aquarium in the room - as you read more you'll understand why. 

Hershel  arrived at the rescue completely covered in feces and smoke from his  owners  smoking around him. He was slightly underweight for his build and length  (21 inches). He was living in a 20-gallon tank for his whole  life with  improper lighting. His previous owners could no longer care  for him  after 6 years. 

Hershel continued to ‘own’ the reptile room and was full of character. He made us laugh everyday, until his sudden passing.  


About Bob

Bob, now renamed to Boromir, was my first official  rescue who was adopted under the Viola's Beardies Rescue name.

He  was named Bob because all he did was bob his head... All day. No matter  what we put up or how we distracted him, he always found something to  bob  at.

He was adopted by a loving owner who says he still bobs to this day,  even as an old and lazy man.  


About Jackie

Jackie is a Uromastyx lizard. She was my first  non-beardie rescue and was an interesting and a fun experience for me.  

She was named Jackie because her previous owner thought she was a boy and named her Jack.

She  came in with a strange crust all over her skin.  I later figured out it  was layers of burnt and stuck on shed that hadn't fully peeled off. She  had been living with this painful and restrictive  skin issue for a  very long time, making her sides painful. 

She  was a  trooper and has healed nicely.  Some scars have remained as a  reminder of her battle and the beginning of a  new life with an awesome  couple.  


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