Surrendering Your Reptile


                      *** NOTICE: Viola's Beardies will not be taking more surrenders at this time. ***


We understand that caring for reptiles can be difficult. We are not here to pass judgment, just to care for the animals.  And educate those that want to adopt them.

After you send  us the information and the animal is in our care, s/he belongs to Viola's Beardies Rescue. If you wish to re-adopt your pet after s/he is  surrendered you must pay the full adoption fee and complete the full  interview process.

There  is no cost to surrendering your pet, however, we do appreciate  donations which will help us continue caring for these amazing animals.

We  guarantee a loving and safe home for all the animals in our care. 

To begin the process of surrendering your reptile, please fill out the form below: