Surrendering a Reptile

You have a reptile you'd like to surrender?

Please follow these steps:

  1. Please fill out the surrender form honestly and completely, the form is on the surrender page
  2. Once the surrender form is submitted, we will reply as soon as possible with additional information or questions.  
  3. Once all additional information is discussed, we will make arrangements with you for either a drop-off or pickup. 

Once you have filled out the form and the animal is in our care/facilities, you understand and agree that the animal will become the sole property of Viola's Beardies Rescue. You further understand that you hereby relinquish all rights to the animal and are no longer the caregiver. You understand after the animal is surrendered you may not re-adopt the animal until it has been monitored for 30 days (you must pay the adoption fee if you wish to re-adopt, we will also make sure you have proper knowledge about the care of bearded dragons). 

We monitor our animals for approximately 30 days to make sure they are healthy; this includes a healthy appetite, good temperament and any visible medical concerns. All animals will be brought to see a specialized vet if the animal shows any signs of visible medical issues. We will ensure they are treated immediately if necessary. 

*** Please note if we are full we will place you on a waiting list (if you wish) and once space is available you will be notified immediately. ***

All personal information given to us will not be shared publicly; it is only for our records.