Details of available boarding services

Viola’s Beardies Rescue offers reptile owners boarding services (for bearded dragons, uromastyx and similar lizards). Click See Pricing to the right to see a list of  prices based on average care. Prices vary based on medical needs, time,  feeding etc... We require all owners to read and sign a waiver before  boarding begins.


Pick up/drop off can be made available depending on location. Please contact us with more details via email:  

Reptiles can be boarded in their own enclosure for a reduced price. As  space is limited, renting a tank will be an additional charge.  

We guarantee a safe and healthy space for your pet(s) and to handle them  with loving care and respect. You can rest assured your loved one is  being cared for while you’re away.  

We have a wide variety of healthy veggies, fruit, greens and insects.  However, if you wish to bring your own insects or veggies/fruit, you can  get a reduced price.  

All prices may be subject to change, prices are for individual pets.  Multi-pet discounts are available (please contact us for more details).     

Terms and conditions


  1. A 50% deposit of estimated fee is due at time of check in, which will be credited towards your total. 
  2. Payment will be accepted via EMT (Email Money Transfer), PayPal, or cash.
  3. Printed (or e-mailed if requested) invoices will be given upon  return/pickup of the animal. Monthly invoices can be emailed to the  owner upon request as well.
  4. Owner will pay all medical costs if illness occurs or injury.
  5. Owners will be contacted prior to vet visits unless there is a severe emergency, which requires immediate medical attention.
  6. For long term stays, all service fees are due on the last day of each  month. Unless otherwise stated and agreed upon by all parties involved.  Outstanding balances will be charged interest at the rate of 5% per  month left outstanding.
  7. Every owner will read, agree to, and sign a waiver before boarding begins. Click Here to view the wavier.


Please fill out, read and sign the waiver either online or printed and given to us.  

***Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any given time​​ ****